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Gorodnya School No. 2

History of Gorodnya School No.2 begins from 1946. The primary school consisted only from two classes.

The first teachers in those heavy hungry years were Bragida Maria Ignatyevna, Pavlenko Maria Pavlovna. Since 1948 the school passed to the seven-year teaching. At that time was here counted about 200 children. Dovgal Michael Sergeevich was the first septennial head master. In different times the school was headed by Motsar Sergey Maksimovich, Fedchenko Nikolay Ivanovich, Panitkin Vitaly Grigoryevich. In 1990 a school new building –  a four-storeyed apartment – was opened.



In 1995 became Smolyar Grigory Leonidovich head master. The pedagogical collective consists of 79 teachers. There are 39 specialists of higher category from them, 19 specialists of I category, 11 specialists of II category, 10 specialists, 5 teacher-methodologists, 5 senior teachers, 8 honour teachers of Ukraine. Middle age of workers – 43,2 years.

In school year 2005-2006 the collective is working above the problem "Improvement of skill of the teacher in the pedagogical providing (maintenance) of personality-oriented development of capabilities of pupils".

  886 Students study at school. In all history of the last years about 250 pupils have finished school with gold and silver medals. Among the graduating students of school there are scientists, doctors, teachers, candidates and doctors of sciences.

 Considerable event in life of school became an establishment of a memorial board in honour of our former students - soldiers-internationalists – of captain Alexander Minokhov and household troops of senior lieutenant Vladimir Shevchuk, which death brave were lost in Afghanistan.








Through sloes – to the stars

On spring vacations in Lutsk the 43 Allukrainian Olympiad of young chemists in which the pupil of the 8-a class Maxim Gaydak has taken part was held. Olympiad provided three rounds: two theoretical and one practical. Maxim with honour has stood tests and has come back from Lutsk with the diploma of the first degrees, collecting 87,25 marks from 145 possible.

Fine fellow, Maxim! So to hold!


* * *


In spring of 2005 was announced Allukrainian competition of child's creation «My future Ukraine» under an aegis of the International fund «Ukraine 3000». A newness came recently – the first place in a nomination «Prosaic works» were conquered (was won) by the schoolgirl of 8-a class of school No 2 Olena Detina for the story «Annushka from a future», which was published in the magazine of «Svіt dityachih bіblіotek».

In the story is narrated about the modern schoolgirl Olenka, which unexpectedly meets girl Annushka, casually got to us from the future – 2055. The girls find a common language, and Annushka tells, what Ukraine in 50 years will become.



Ms. Gorodnya-2006

The holiday of youth and beauty on which the most beautiful girl of our city was elected, was held September, 23.

The Competition "Ms. Gorodnya" consist of four stages:

·        Greeting – participants shortly told about themselves.

·        Violinists – girls demonstrated understanding of game on a violin.

·        Bikers – tender and beautiful girls were reincarnated in cruel bikers.

·        Output in evening dresses, that grew into the real ball for charming princesses.

In the competition 16 beauties took part.

All participants have adequately stood tests, having shown not only a fine appearance (a wonderful exterior), but also skill to communicate, virtuosity (artistry), erudition. The title "Ms. Gorodnya" was won by the schoolgirl of school No 2 Marina Serenok. We congratulate her on this victory and wish successes in the future.




Chernobyl by children's eyes

It is difficult to forget the tragical days of Chernobyl tragedy, in spite of the fact that has passed twenty years after frightfull (terrible) events. Being the nation which is extremely strong by the spirit, the Ukrainian people has managed to overcome difficulties of April, 1986 and to today estimates the Chernobyl tragedy as a severe lesson of life. Recent events in Ukraine have brought to our country a world recognition, and we want that in the world we were known as a country of successes, but no tragedies. At the same time any events are an integral (inalienable) part of our history, and we should not forget them.

With extraordinary attention and interest members and workers of our union had an opportunity to enjoy an exhibition of pictures "Chernobyl by children's eyes " which pupils of school No 2 of Gorodnya, Region Chernigov have sent to the editor of the newspaper "Narodna Volya " Mr. Nicolas Duplyak (Screnton, Pansilvaniya, the USA). In spite of the fact that children personally have not gone (did not personally outlive) through terrible (frightful) days of tragedy, they very really and sensitively could display (represent) all difficulties of those terrible days in the works of art. It was appreciable, that those tragical days will not be erased from memory of rising generations.

Wonderful addition to the first part of the exhibition was other exhibition under the name "My dear Ukraine, my native star land! " In it children of the same artistic group of Gorodnya school under the direction of Mrs. Valentina Khmelenok represented (displayed) their feelings about the present and the future of our Mother Ukraine. It was pleasant to observe, that the rising generation sees their Motherland flowering (blossoming), smiling, full uplift and cheerful (vigorous) mood. If our children – our future – see Ukraine such, it remains only to believe that they will build it just the same.

We truly grateful to the young artists, which inlaid a soul in the artistic works, that represent history, contemporaneity and future of Ukraine. The future of our Motherland is in your reliable hands - so, all the best to you in your not easy, but extraordinarily important work.

Tanya Dashkevich (Rochester, USA)

"Credit Union Opinion", No 194







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